Portfolio ReviewsOne of the most frustrating things we face as photographers is not receiving any meaningful response to our work, whether as a result of an exhibit or online. We watch in dismay as our work continues to go without notice. Some of us click into our Instagram accounts only to see one or two responses. Why is that? What is missing?

I can help. With more than 40-years as a professional photographer, I have the experience, desire, and passion to work with you to produce your best photography portfolio, that you will be proud to show, anywhere!

There are a wide range of portfolio reviews all over the world. Some of the best are: Review Santa Fe, Medium Festival Portfolio Reviews, PhotoPlus Expo Portfolio Review Program, and power Portfolio Review. Most feature a list of highly respected reviewers. Some request you send a sampling of work for preliminary review. Many are part of a larger event, such as PhotoPlus, which is one of the largest photography events in the world.

It is no wonder that you want to present your best work at these reviews, because you are not only paying for the review but you are also paying for a lot of other necessary expenses: airfare, hotel, food, etc.

Sign up for a personal, professional review and you will receive my undivided attention as I sort through your submission, sequence it, write up a detailed review, and point out areas for improvement, as well as a offer a few thumbs-up for selected images.

I have juried throughout the country for the Annual New Mexico Photographic Art Show, Review Santa Fe, Review LA, Photo Lucida, The Center for Fine Art Photography, The Gala Awards, and The Palm Springs Photo Festival, and online at Eyeist. I have also photographed workshops led by Elizabeth Opalenik (Imagination & Dreams, Santa Fe Workshops), Joyce Tenneson (Santa Fe Workshops), and was asked by the iconic photographer Lucien Clergue to document his nude outdoor location workshop in Béssége, France, in 2009.

Personal Portfolio Reviews
• Fee: $75
• Images: 15
• Seven-day turnaround
• Process: Detailed text review of your images
• All conversations will be conducted through the email process, which allows me to be more thoughtful in the portfolio process.
• Result: Final Portfolio will be presented in a PDF format with text review and images sequenced and displayed as well as a list of selected national review events (with links)

Once you purchase I will send you detailed submission information.
Thank you!

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