Photography: Developing Your Creative Vision 2024 (Zoom)

Tim Anderson StudioTim Anderson is the publisher/managing editor of Shadow & Light Magazine
, which has been in continuous publication for more than 10 years and he is the former publisher/managing editor of CameraArts magazine. With more than 20 years as a publisher of photography magazines and participating as a reviewer for portfolio reviews hosted by Review Santa Fe, Review LA, Photolucida, Tokyo International Photo Awards, Los Angeles Center of Photography, and more his main goal as a juror and publisher is to be able to work with image makers who are seeking to “up their game” and offer their work to a wider audience.

This class is based on a popular one he has been teaching through University of New Mexico, Continuing Education (UNMCE), for several years.

> I absolutely loved the class. I just wished it was longer! JM
It was an excellent class and I enjoyed the creative environment the instructor provided. The class assignments were focused and helpful. DP
Thoroughly enjoyed the instructor and projects. BM
The class was everything that I hoped it would be. I wanted a class that would help me with the “creative” part of photography. How to take a photograph I’m happy with – independent of all the technical aspects of the camera. I feel that this class did exactly that. I truly am seeing the world with “a new eye”. LS
> It was a fun and enjoyable course while we learned about photography and style. FT
> I did come out of the course “Seeing with a New Eye.” BJ
> Interactions during class with instructor and fellow students were very instructional. LG

Are you ready to go on a journey… a journey of creative self discovery?

Where do you want to go from where you are now in your creative pursuit?

This new 6-month photography program will enable students to see the world with a new creative vision, allowing themselves to open up to new possibilities. Students will be exposed to the art of many genres in an effort not only to see the value in regard to photography but in many other areas of life.

The decision to create a six-month class is based on the premise that trying to do a proper job with homework tasks means more time between classes. With a 6-month setup there will be an excellent time-frame in which to pursue assignments with a much deeper and highly targeted intention. Another format I have found to work well is having several individual clients, working independently, then bring them together, monthly, for a Zoom group discussion. I am flexible and will work with you to create the best learning situation.

The White Place. ©tba

What you will learn:
• How great image-making begins behind the viewfinder, not in the camera.
• How to direct your creative eye toward a more mindful way of seeing.
• How to “silence” the outer noise.
• How to discover the “complete” image.
• How photographing out of your zone can enhance your own work.
• How to put it all together.

• Periodic random individual Zoom chat sessions
• PDF magazine of your best images
• Free PDF subscription to Shadow & Light Magazine
• Random additional assignments to keep you sharp
• Signature Program Group Zoom meetings

Tip: Visit your local museums and galleries. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from all areas of creative pursuit.

• All assignments will be given with image(s) illustrating the assignment.
• Slide shows and discussion of all homework will be undertaken in each class, beginning with Class 2.
• Take up to 10 images and each will be discussed in each class. Submit all to instructor two days before the scheduled class.
• No post editing in the first few classes. I want to see the images as you initially saw them. I want to know what “grabbed” you.

If you have any questions about the classes or other considerations, please follow this link.

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