Photography: Creating a New Vision
Tim Anderson Studio
Instructor: Tim Anderson
Dates and Times TBD…
8 classes, with 7 lessons

This photography class will enable students to see the world with a new vision, allowing themselves to open up to new possibilities. Students will be exposed to the art of many genres in an effort not only to see the value in regard to photography but in many other areas of life, which will serve to enhance their own creativity.

This class is based on a popular one I teach through University of New Mexico, Continuing Education (UNMCE), which had 6 sessions. Many students requested that the class should be longer and has been expanded from 6 sessions to 8 for this class.

> I absolutely loved the class. I just wished it was longer! JM> It was an excellent class and I enjoyed the creative environment the instructor provided. The class assignments were focused and helpful. DP

What you will learn:
• How great image-making begins in the mind, not the camera
• How to direct your creative eye toward a more mindful way of seeing
• How to “silence” the outer noise
• How to discover the “complete” image
• How photographing out of your zone can enhance your own work
• How to put it all together

The first class will work as a getting-to-know-you session. We will go around the class with introductions as well as offer creative and photographic backgrounds. Each student will then explain what they want to get out of the class. Class participation is strongly recommended and welcomed. Instructor will go over his background and present a slide show of significant and relevant images pertaining to this course.

• All assignments will be given with image(s) illustrating assignment.
• Slide shows of all homework will be shown at the start of each class, beginning with Class 2
• Take up to 5 images and each will be discussed in class. Submit all to instructor the before the scheduled class.
• No post editing. I want to see the images as you initially saw them.

If you have any questions about the classes or other considerations, please click on the “Contact” tab, above.

Class 1: Prior to class all students will be requested to send several of their favorite images taken by other photographers, as well as a couple of their own works. They will need to support their claim of being their favorite images. Instructor will set up a slide show of all works.

Tim Anderson PhotographyClass 2-Homework Assignment 1. Photograph bronze statues (image) of people or events that display a certain amount of emotion.

Class 3-Homework Assignment 2: Photograph something familiar as you are captured by the initial image. Walk around the object and take up to four other captures.

Class 4-Homework Assignment 3: Capture images of public benches, which might be in a park, by a bus-stop, in an alley. Anywhere you see one, think of yourself as a fine art photographer, and knock my socks off!

Class 5-Homework Assignment 4: Photograph machinery. Capture images that that depict the power and beauty of these timeless, but mostly unsung heroes of our industrialized culture.

Class 6-Homework Assignment 5: On a walk, take a close-up picture of something that catches your eye as well as your imagination. Then take 20 steps back and take another picture, and another 20 steps, and another 20 steps, and another 20 steps. Please do not back off a cliff or place yourself in a dangerous situation. Check your surroundings, before working on this assignment.

tim anderson photographyClass 7-Homework Assignment 6: Photograph buildings as abstracts (image). Do not include the whole structure. I am looking for lines, shadows, angles, anything that makes you want to stop and think about it for a few days!

Class 8-No Homework! We will go over Assignment 7 and discuss what we learned in class, and how it can be applied in our everyday creative life. If there is time, we will chat and I will have a video to share.

Extras: Class PDF of best images… Share Cost of Print Product, if desired
No Fee for Shadow & Light Magazine Calls-for-Entry (one year)
Online 60-minute Portfolio Review (discounted-$75, regular price $125)

Tip: Go visit your local museum(s). You will be amazed at how much you can learn from all areas of creative pursuit.

Fee: $250 for 8 two-hour classes (introductory first class price)
Class Limit: 5 (minimum)-10 students (maximum, seats filled on a first-come, first served basis)