Amber #2942 • ©Tim Anderson

Working with a model in the studio sometimes almost takes on a mystical quality. When people see the final image, all they see is the beauty of the model, whether clothed or nude. They don’t see all the work that goes into the process:
• Deciding on what you are going to shoot
• Finding the appropriate model
• Working with that model
• Setting up the studio
• Props and/or purpose

Taking more than 40-years of experience photographing models, Tim will make it simple for you. The only equipment you need to bring is your digital camera (and manual), tripod, and a bit of patience. For this workshop, the manual setting will be used and a couple of 300-watt household light bulbs, plus a reflector or two. Class participation is mandatory. Everyone will learn something. You might also want to bring a remote for your camera. This is NOT a technical workshop, it is more about aesthetics.

Please contact Tim at “” to sign up for this workshop in advance, as this special workshop will only accept a maximum of 7 students. ($90 + $25 model fee= $115 per person) Please consider signing up for this workshop early as demand is sure to exceed the limit.

Date: TBA

• Classroom: Background and intro to the workshop and a slide show of pieces from Tim’s personal collection. Prior to the shooting session the workshop model will give a little talk on how she likes (or doesn’t like!) to work with photographers.
• Studio: “Hands-On” instruction on working with a model and individual shooting (no “gang” shooting, please)
• Classroom: Lunch break
• Studio: Show and tell from the students.

Note: Please bring a sack lunch as we won’t have that much time and we can discuss our individual process while we munch. You should also be prepared to download images to a computer for the “Show and Tell.”

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Thank you!