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Are you an outdoor performer? Do you spend a lot of time, or live in an environment where wind, sun, dust and dirt (and little furry creatures) are a way of life? Would you like to protect your guitar (mandolin, bass, etc.) from these elements? The Busker Bag™ was developed as a method of protecting your instrument against elements that would serve to harm its finish. Even in your own home, dust penetrates all walls, doors, and windows, and can wreak havoc on the finish and/or internals of your guitar. By simply placing a Busker Bag™ over your instrument, you can add years to its musical life. The handy barrel slide at the bottom of the Busker Bag™ enables you to tighten it up for additional protection.

They are made of micro-fiber polyester, come with a draw-string enclosure, and are machine-washable. Busker Bags™ completely cover the instrument and keep out dust and helps to protect your instrument from harsh sun rays, and winds. They come in two sizes and four colors and are perfect for outdoor performances. The Bags also work well in the house or studio to control moderate temperature fluctuations and flying fur-balls.

And, while you are playing that J200, or that D-18, you can place your coat, polish rag, extra picks, and other items in the BuskerBag until they are needed.


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Regular Size: For larger guitars like a Gibson J-200, banjo, electric bass, etc.
Mini Size: Mandolins, ukes, fiddles, parlor guitars, saxophone, violin/fiddle, etc.

Price: Each bag is $25, including shipping in the contiguous U.S. You can securely purchase your pag the PayPal link, below. Remeber to mention the color and the size you need.
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